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What is the right age to adopt a kitten?

Although some kittens are adopted by new families at as young as six weeks, ten to 12 weeks is preferable. During the additional weeks, kittens learn a lot from their mother and siblings. In fact, kittens who stay with their mother, brothers, and sisters until they're 12 weeks of age tend to be more social and interactive with humans when they are eventually adopted. Kittens who are adopted at six or seven weeks may show signs of stress, nervousness, and fear. To ensure a happy adoption for everyone involved, Animal Planet recommends bringing your new kitten home when it is no younger than 2½ to 3 months old. By that age, kittens usually have their vaccinations and are socialized and ready to handle moving in with a human family.

What are the most popular cat breeds in America?

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the three most popular feline breeds from coast to coast are the Exotic, the Ragdoll, and the British shorthair cats. Exotic cats are similar to Persians in temperament, but they are bred to have shorter, easier to manage hair. Ragdoll cats have a reputation for being good-natured goofballs who are more laid back and relaxed than most of their feline counterparts. Typically, but not always blue in color, British shorthair cats are larger cats and great lap warmers who love to live indoors. Whatever breed is your favorite, we will love them just as much as you do when you bring your cat for care at our veterinary clinic near Irvine.

Is it okay to feed my cat people food?

When your lovable fluff ball looks at you a certain way, it can be hard to resist giving them a bit of whatever you are eating. You don't want to encourage a dog-like begging habit, but you do want to give your cat a treat. According to Animal Planet, there are only a few foods that should never be fed to a cat. Chocolate, caffeine, onions, grapes, and kelp are among those human foods that are definitely not cat-friendly. Small portions of cooked vegetables such as squash, broccoli, and asparagus won't harm your kitty, and they may even turn out to like them. All the same, cats are obligate carnivores who derive most of their energy from pure protein. If your cat can tolerate dairy products, they may take a smidgen of cottage cheese or cheese. No matter what, your cat's diet should not include more than 15 percent human food. If you have any questions about what to feed your feline companion, feel free to talk to someone at Tustin Legacy Pet Hospital veterinary clinic in Irvine.

At Tustin Legacy Pet Hospital, we love kitties as much as you do. When you are ready to know more about vaccination schedules kitten care, and what's the right diet for your cat, please give us a call at (714) 587-4888

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